Sunday, May 2, 2010


I saw blood red roses on a soft green background, broken by by white lines.

If this was my painting, my own piece of art, done on canvas I would have come a step closer to achieving my life's purpose and goal.
But this painting is in the water. It has been done by different life-forms of the ocean. And it is intended to be perishable. Artists have started to create perishable art. Art that is created for a certain exhibition, shown to the public and then destroyed. 
Following nature's example? 

Small sea nails have decided to crawl a slippery stone covered with green and red algae lying in a rock pool, the surface powdered with a thin layer of white sand, leaving their traces.

Thereby creating a net of interconnected lines looking like a hidden message.

And when they have completed the painting a new piece of work will be started. To be destroyed again.

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