Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is Bonne Homme.

Bonne Homme is a Bouvier des Flanders. That is what the kind like him are called by man.

He seems to be of noble descent.

And this is his happiness.

And this....

And many more moments like this. There is happiness here.
It's the run of happiness.

It is a new- found happiness. 
There was a time when Bonne Homme's needs could not be any longer the needs of his master as well because circumstances had changed for his master, like it often happens in life.
And you will find that when the circumstances change for you, others are always affected too, if you like it or not, if it might break your heart or not. 
And so it was the case with Bonne Homme.

But in a very blessed moment before all that happened a woman looked at Bonne Homme and he looked back. And her heart opened in that second and became all soft.
That is how love often comes. Like a small seed that germinates and grows silently and un- noticed into a beautiful flower.
And when you find yourself with the flower you wonder were all that love comes from that you feel out of a sudden. But it is not sudden.

So the woman decided to take him away from a place where humans bring animals to get saved or die.
Either one of them. There is no in between.
If it was not for the woman he would have not lived long.
Her warm heart guided her and she gave him new happiness and the chance to shake his short tail instead.
And to chase seagulls from their hard -earned meal.

And me? These pictures will always remind me of a beautiful afternoon with a warm hearted woman, the happiness of a Bouvier des Flanders, the blue sky and the ocean.

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