Thursday, May 6, 2010


Rock-pools are since childhood an ever-fascinating world to me. They are visible during a certain time when exposed at low tide only. 
Gazing down into the clear water and seeing a world so different and wild and wonderful looking back at me peacefully has left me often with a feeling that I can not describe adequately but that might be named freedom. 

It feels like being lost in a beautiful way.
Like Jean Jacques Cousteau must have felt when he explored the worlds under water for the first time in his diving suit that looked like an octopus itself. 

And a couple of hours later everything inside gets changed by the power of the incoming water - no matter how perfect the installation was. 

The two rock pools in the first photo have nearly the same size, color and shape and to complete the picture two stones of the same size and color landed in them.

Coral of  light pink color grow on the round and smooth wall inside. And at the bottom a closed oyster. My reflection in the crystal clear water.

Can you see the standing lion at the bottom.? SHAPED BY THE SAND.

A perfect aquarium with the items organized in poetic arrangement.

I think this is so fascinating.

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