Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traveling through the Transkei

We started our journey under a storm -sky and followed the road to nowhere.
The clouds became more spectacular the longer we traveled through the Transkei. The houses and the earth besides the road turned black.

Beautiful green everywhere after the rains that we had in the last couple of weeks.

And these wheels have a couple of years to show - and they were still going strong, traveling the road before us with no haste and no hurry.

A typical Transkei landscape. The houses are all painted in bright colors.

The shopping-center in Butterworth.

A view down the road on a busy saturday afternoon.

But to get there is sometimes not as easy as it looks, road construction authorities have a tendency to be very playful with theirdeviations. Sign-posts can sometimes out-number the traffic.

And the long wait sets in.

For some a very very very long wait if you are on the wrong side of the road. Like in life.

When permission is finally given to move again, confusion occurs occasionally when drivers have different perceptions concerning the direction the move should be made to.

Political campaigning for the next presidential election in 2009 is in full swing all over the country. And in the remotest areas one can find bill boards with candidates hoping to be the next president .

The police is also not a 100% sure. Prefers to be on a rather-observing position in the middle of the road.

And the bus gives really no shit.....

Caught in the moment, Pregnant and probably not too happy about it... I guess. Soon a single mom ? The fate of many young girls in South-Africa.

The storm is lingering ahead of us.

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