Monday, December 17, 2012

There Is A NEW Cake Box At Bonza Bay Beach

Bonza Bay Beach In Summer
There Is A New Cake Box At Bonzas

Summer finally came and with it came "The Cake Box" at Bonza Bay Beach in East London. Bonzas is one of the most beautiful beaches in East London and The Cake Box is exactly what Bonzas needed.

The Lounge Corner At The Cake Box made from reclaimed and recycled wood

Our label ' Chocolat Negro" is all about recycled design and art. In this journal we introduce you to our new products and to what inspires us. But it is also a site to showcase interesting recycling and design projects. The Cake Box is one of those projects. We call it a project because we have seen the owner Ant Faye working on it for a long time. First she opened a kiosk from where she sold breakfast, snacks, cool drinks and sweets. Then she created additional seating possibilities under shady trees.
Then she opened "Supertube" again.
And now she created the Cake Box! Gradually she has upgraded the Bonza Bays car park area.   

A Flower Power Caravan Is The Home Of The Cake Box

The Cake Box is situated in a Caravan, entirely hand decorated by Ant Faye. 
"I have received most of my inspiration from the internet, she says, but I have done everything myself."

A lot of attention has been paid to detail

Great Attention has been paid to detail and the whole open air caravan coffee shop  reminds you of the 70's.

"Some South Africans will appreciate this," Ant Faye says. 
Hand Painted Stones At The Cake Box

There are hand painted stones with psychedelic patterns. The color choice is green, yellow, pink and blue. No browns and greys here. 

Some psychedelic stones baking in the sun!

Shells and sea glass and other sea finds!

The place is mostly made from reclaimed and recycled material, that the owner has sourced from recycling companies and through the help of some friends. The floor is made from wooden planks, striped and nailed together as a deck.

Something young and something old

Some good love

Shells And Beach Pebbles

A Coffee Table made from reclaimed wood designed and painted by Ant Faye

Tables on a wooden deck made from reclaimed wood facing "supertube"

Ant Faye

But there is more to the Cake Box. This is essentially a family business. While the daughter runs the kiosk and supertube, the mother's kingdom is the Cake Box. And guess, what? They communicate via radio between the two places. 

Ant Faye's Mother, The Queen Of The Cake Box

 "The Cake Box is actually my mother's business", Ant Faye says.

Inside the caravan, it looks like in a doll house. Ant Faye never stands still for a second, as you can see in the pictures. She whirls around between the coffee machine, the pink painted fridge and the baby blue shelves with pink dots.


While it looks to me, as if Mom is doing the book keeping in the corner! Or may be just enjoying her coffee and her cake. Well, that is the privilege of a mother.

Let them have cake, because there is delicious home baked cake at very reasonable prices!

Let Them Have Cake!

Delicious chocolate cake and lemon meringue a R 15.00 a slice.

Detail of the Caravan Wall Mural A Beautiful Reminder Of The 1970's

And who would not like to lounge around in this cool place, with a chocolate cake and fresh coffee and look over the river! Let's support The Cake Box, it's a unique and very cool place.

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