Friday, April 30, 2010

Les Hommes


like to be in groups

are social and funny and beautiful

can be really tall and strong

and warm

are playful

and quiet

inquisitive and curios

and deep



Mamma Africa




Thursday, April 29, 2010


Beached, stranded and trapped between a rock and a hard place.
But not yet grinded enough to have attained smooth beauty. However it is well on it's way if it rejoins the sea when the high tide sets in and the currents start to work on it again and no human hand picks it up.
I won't. To reach perfection takes time.


An African night moth. Her wings are pierced with two leaf like patterns.
As dark as the night she is.
And 7 inches long on my kitchen wall.

And her equally stately companion fallen asleep in the early morning hours showing her extraordinary wings. Burnt orange is the color of her wings.


1998 at the beach. Joe and me.

Stop starring at me, I said

Yeah, but I can see your nipples, said Joe.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There is one picture I was able to take on Freedom day that I have reserved for last and that needs no comment at all. 
I wanted to give it a special place.
We all know what true freedom means. Don't we?

Pictures Of Freedom

Yesterday was Freedom day.
16 years ago on the of April South-Africa became a free and democratic country. Today The sky had dressed up for that special occasion in a gown of white and azure blue ruffles. 
Often, when the sky get dramatic like this, I feel extremely seduced by it and I have to leave the house and drive around to look at the play of ligh above me.
So I got into my old VW-Beetle with my camera to take some shots of freedom.

For many it was black and white with a few shades of grey at the side 16 years ago.

Today we got all the color this beautiful country deserves.

With the colors,roaming free, comes the right and delight to enjoy freedom in many different ways.
The way YOU like it.

Everybody enjoys freedom in a different way. High in the sky..

or very grounded.

Freedom is sometimes best enjoyed in good company.

to be able to share and enjoy beautiful things and moments together.

or to do what you absolutely love doing the most. That's freedom

with no restrictions and boundaries

And when the freedom gets a little bit too much from time to time you have someone you can always return too. THAT'S A PERFECT FREEDOM 
I simply like how free the wind is and just lifts that little pink skirt.

Or when you are in love. It feels like freedom but sometimes is not.

But when you want to be in love it makes you free as well.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010




It has been said that there are no straight lines in nature and I have believed it myself for a while.

But there is always someone or something to proof you wrong and show you the relativity of your thoughts.


I saw a house in the sand that I want to own.
I want a house in the sand all of my own.

I want a house in the sand with it's face close to the sea.
I want to call that house my own.

It must not be rich and fine but old, weathered and mine.

It must be shabby and blue and green as the sea.

It must be wild and free ..... just like I will be when I am ready to find my house by the sea.

It will just be fine and the house will want to be mine.

There will be a fence and behind is the sea...... Nothing but the sea


Monday, April 26, 2010


The color yellow is good for you. 
If there is the slightest hint of sadness in your heart find a yellow flower or several  if you can. Each one is like a little sun smiling back at you.

Sunday Walk At Bonzas

Bonza Bay is a romantic, little bit wild and rough beach. 
Sunday morning it made me feel like walking.

Fat Seagulls having a nap close to the shore. Sea birds are definitely some of the wildest creatures on earth. Make no mistake these two are only in idle mood and they are having a lazy moment.
True, a lion got wildness - but a seagull flying foamy spray in stormy weather.

No life- savers anymore at this time of the year.Winter, is it really winter ?
The day was so warm and there was hardly any wind.

And these fine flip flops are definitely made for walking.

Turning my back on the gold old lifesavers shack and having all the time to walk, walk and take pictures.

Does this picture has feeling ?
Does it bring to you the feeling of that great day and how happy these guys were playing soccer next to the waves.

Preparing for the world cup 2010..........

It' s a rocky beach and this beautiful bench was made for me to rest and INHALE.

Everybody was happy and in his own little world.

Feeling good to be alone in his world for a while

The sea was foamy. You know that the foam on the sea is the remains of dead mermaids. That's how they die, they still drift for a while on the surface of the sea as foam before disappearing. Hans Christian Anderson has told us all about this and he must have been right because you don't see the foam every day. I have always sort of liked this thought.

Stretching out like this along the shore must feel good

The rocks shape pools in which the water is so clear and heated up from the sun. 
They serve one purpose- to lay naked in them. 
I guess I have been caught a couple of times now so I am taking it a little bit slow. But I can recommend it. And do change beaches frequently when doing it.

The stones in the pools are slippery and nice to touch.

Everything else is just energizing end empowering

On my way back I sit on my bench looking back at the boardwalk and the very very blue sky. 
A sky like in the south of France in hot August.

And smell the sea  

and look at new art

efore going home to make a fire, get the meat out and open a bottle of Fleur du Cap Chardonnay.
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