Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Walk At Bonzas

Bonza Bay is a romantic, little bit wild and rough beach. 
Sunday morning it made me feel like walking.

Fat Seagulls having a nap close to the shore. Sea birds are definitely some of the wildest creatures on earth. Make no mistake these two are only in idle mood and they are having a lazy moment.
True, a lion got wildness - but a seagull flying foamy spray in stormy weather.

No life- savers anymore at this time of the year.Winter, is it really winter ?
The day was so warm and there was hardly any wind.

And these fine flip flops are definitely made for walking.

Turning my back on the gold old lifesavers shack and having all the time to walk, walk and take pictures.

Does this picture has feeling ?
Does it bring to you the feeling of that great day and how happy these guys were playing soccer next to the waves.

Preparing for the world cup 2010..........

It' s a rocky beach and this beautiful bench was made for me to rest and INHALE.

Everybody was happy and in his own little world.

Feeling good to be alone in his world for a while

The sea was foamy. You know that the foam on the sea is the remains of dead mermaids. That's how they die, they still drift for a while on the surface of the sea as foam before disappearing. Hans Christian Anderson has told us all about this and he must have been right because you don't see the foam every day. I have always sort of liked this thought.

Stretching out like this along the shore must feel good

The rocks shape pools in which the water is so clear and heated up from the sun. 
They serve one purpose- to lay naked in them. 
I guess I have been caught a couple of times now so I am taking it a little bit slow. But I can recommend it. And do change beaches frequently when doing it.

The stones in the pools are slippery and nice to touch.

Everything else is just energizing end empowering

On my way back I sit on my bench looking back at the boardwalk and the very very blue sky. 
A sky like in the south of France in hot August.

And smell the sea  

and look at new art

efore going home to make a fire, get the meat out and open a bottle of Fleur du Cap Chardonnay.

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