Saturday, April 24, 2010


I eat, drink and live color. I feed on it like a parasite. It is my daily bread. I crave color.
It adds the spice to my life that I need.

The painter' palette is what I call the Copperleaf or FIJIAN FIRE bush. When you drive through South-Africans cities you can see this bush crowning many gardens. It is one of the most popular species grown in South-Africa. 
The leaves are mottled orange, red and pink.

Slightly shaped like a heart, brown leaves with contrasting rose-pink markings.
Or reddish leaves with slightly paler markings.

And come closer now please. 
Still Closer. 
Every pattern and color combination that has been designed and then printed on silk, cotton, linen or any  fabric has been created by nature before. 

There is no greater artist than nature.

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