Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Animals Of The East London Museum

The East London Museum is a charming, small museum concentrating on the local natural history, tradition and culture of the Eastern Cape.
Amongst other sections it hosts an incredible variety of stuffed animals. A collection of 50 images, that I have taken three years ago are presented here.

Stuffed Rhinoceros behind a glass display in the East London Museum
Stuffed Rhinoceros In The East London Museum

The display of the stuffed mammals, insects, shells and fishes behind glass chambers has the flair of a by gone time. I might be wrong but it seems like that the displays have not been changed since their day of creation. And that is what makes a walk through this museum so nice.

Most of the time when you walk through the premises you are alone and nobody disturbs you. The light is dim.

The animals in their glass chambers in front of a carefully painted background look real although the taxidermy work is decades old. They look real and a little bit sad sometimes.

like this one

But let the pictures speak for themselves!

I have called this image "Long lasting sadness in my eyes"

Count Dracula

My favorite section - the mouse section starting with mouse No 111. 

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