Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Of the Cassuarina Tree they say that if you take in a boat with you a piece of it, be it ever so small contrary winds will arise to impede your journey or storms to imperil your life.

They say also that if you stand in its shadow by the light of the full moon you will hear, whispered mysteriously in its dark ramage, the secrets of the future.

These facts have been never disputed; but they say also that when in the wide estuaries the mangrove has in due time reclaimed the swampy land from the water the Cassuarina Tree plants itself and in its turn settles, solidifies and fertilizes the soil till it is ripe for more varied and luxuriant growth; and then having done its work, dies down before the ruthless encroachment of the myriad denizens of the jungle.

(William Somerset Maugham introduction to his novel The Cassuarina Tree)

These are very old Cassuarina Trees in Cape Vidal Nature Reserve in the St.Lucia Wetlands Park in South-Africa close to the border of Mozambique. It was there in that exact place that I have seen them for the first time and I did not know their name. A friend from Brazil told me their beautiful melodic name " Cassuarina ".

Trees are like big brothers and I have always felt they give you energy when you lean with your back against them or sit under them.

They always have their arms wide open for you like this old wild fig tree in a dried up river bed in Umfolozi Game Reserve in South-Africa.
Soon the rivers will fill with water and will run wild but this tree will stand another season and another and another...... with arms wide open for you

Arms wide open giving you shade...
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