Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scenes From The Geese And Duck Paradise

Muscovy Duck

Can be quite aggressive

Muscovy Duck Pair

The new pond, not yet finished has been already taken over by the future beneficiaries

Something I could eat?

Getting in is easier than out!

Breeding Goose

Don't mess with me

While others- busy with their nest could not be bothered less

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Springbokke Of The Somerset East Hotel

Pool Table With The Wall Mural Of The Somerset East Springbokke

In the old Victorian Somerset East Hotel situated in the small Karroo town of the same name, which was founded by Lord Charles Somerset in 1825, you will find a room with a pool table standing on dark, polished Meranti floors, some dart boards, a Bamboo lounge suite covered with blankets - and a wall mural of the "Somerset Springbokke". Figure that!

The view across the street from the Hotel's Beer Garden to the Boschberg Mountains

The owner of the hotel, who relocated from Cape Town to Somerset East a couple of years ago, to bring the calm and the peace of the Karroo into his and his family's life said the mural was already there, when he bought the hotel. 

How can you not find peace and tranquility, if you own a Victorian hotel in a quaint, serene little town that's as famous for the natural beauty as it is for its many beautiful provincial heritage sites, situated at the foot of the Boschberg Mountains.

The Somerset - Oos Wall Mural Of The Springbokke

The story goes, that an artist passing through Somerset East offered to paint a mural for the pool room and for the adjoining bar in exchange for accommodation and food for a week.

The Springbokke in all their pride

It was done deal and so the "Somerset East Springbokke" wall mural saw the light of the day!

and glory......

After finishing the Springbokke mural, the unknown artist dedicated more of his time to the large bar walls and the landscapes he painted on all the bar walls are full of African magic. They are so nice, that they deserve a special post, which I will deliver shortly.

The Springbokke Eternalised On The Walls Of The Pool Room Of The Somerset East Hotel

Apart from the wall mural the hotel kitchen offered mighty portions of Fish and Chips with salad and onions rings, that were served in the small beer garden overlooking the main street and the  forested, mountainous backdrop creating a dramatic setting for the town.

Most of the provincial heritage sites in Somerset East are all buildings and even though the bar of the Somerset Hotel is not counted amongst them, we think by its impressive appearance it belongs in-officially to the same category!

A Decent South African Karroo Bar

The Somerset East Hotel Bar- Equipped And Decorated As It Should Be In True South African Style

The Somerset East Hotel

With upstairs balconies, flags and lots of room

The Owner Of The Somerset East Hotel Has Found Peace In Somerset East 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mary And Jacomo

Jacomo, always curious even at a young age

Once upon a time there were two green eyed, snowy white furred cats living at the SPCA in East London. It was their destiny to find a new home with us and this is their story told in pictures.

Mary,and there is one question? Are we gonna come with you.

Mary Minzu

In their play room at the East London SPCA
Brother and sister in arms

And a couple of weeks later .....

Jacomo loves red

Jacomo "sniffing the wind"

What his sister is doing looks interesting

Pretty Mary

Looks like this is gonna a be a good day for Mary Minzu

Green eyed Mary in the woods

And Model Mary

And the better climber

The whole lot of them - cats and rabbit 

And if  Mighty Lucy thinks enough is enough there is still the roof - for now Lucy ....

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