Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome To Pearston - Karoo Travels

Welcome to Pearston. Somewhere between Graaff Reinet and Somerset East in the Karoo.
It appears to the foreign visitor, that Pearston is just one road in the middle of nowhere. But nothing is what it seems in rural Africa.

Welcome To Pearston in the Karoo

General Dealer in Pearston

Welcome and Thanks!

Street Life in Pearston

The tail of a windmill in Pearston

A tine roof house in Pearston with a beautiful old "Stoep" (verandah)

Something cold on a hot day

My yellow ride....

An old Karroo house in Pearston

Afrika Hair Salon in Pearston

The Sentrum Kafee in Pearston

What does one do in Pearston?

Rommel Trommel in Pearston.......

The Karoo sun makes everything white.....

Street signs in Pearston remebering those who came here long before us

old age in Pearston

Farmers buying their supplies

Pack it up...

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