Sunday, March 17, 2013

Courageously Colorful - Colonial Houses in Cradock

Salmon Pink and Bleu Majorelle on the walls of a colonial Cradock house

"Bleu Majorelle" is the name of a color, that you find in Morocco. A deep Mediterranean blue.
Morocco is known for this color. But you can find it in Cradock in the South African Karoo too. Bleu Majorelle develops. It is not a color, that just comes from the tin like this. Ok, it is a deep blue in the beginning, but it develops under the bright sun and the dry air of Morocco into something spectacular. It cannot be described.

A verandah in subtle rose. The back wall is painted yellow!

I asked my brother again and again to drive up and down some of Cradock's streets. Thank you brother. It was worth it!

This Cradock house is courageously colorful in true baby colors

The same light and air conditions as you find them in Morocco exist in the Karoo.

Terracotta and Bleu Majorelle Again

And there is the Bleu Majorelle!
In all its might!

Sky blue and a corrugated iron roof that was once painted chest nut brown

But not only that!

A Cradock Verandah in Purple And Olive

The beautiful thing is, that all this is probably not intentional. It is simply art that creates itself over time.

Two different shades of green and pink, just pink


Energetic Deep Purple

A crazy dance of colors - old and new

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