Sunday, September 30, 2012

Somebody Else's Happiness

Is it not beautiful ?
It is so very much beautiful!
They are so beautiful in their happiness
Often I ask myself,
what had happened
if the most beautiful moments of a life,
if somebody else's happiness
has landed in a junk shop.

I ask myself with a little bit of fear in my heart
will the decisive moments of my life
captured on photogrpahs
be thrown away some day,
cause I do not matter so much any more
to anyone.

But then again, we really are not that important
looking at it from a larger perspective. 

Photograph of an unknown couple found in a junk shop in East London.
Entitled by me " Somebody Else's Happiness"

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leave A Trace

Leave a trace, even if it's a small one
so that others can find you when you lost!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


If you grew up in Africa, then there is a high possibility that you were raised at least for some time with enamel cups and plates. And some of your childhood companions might still be with you today. It is hard to outlive their super trouper hardcore durability.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

For Sale - Second Hand Impressions From Gonubie

Man has a strong desire for structure. Structure offers some sort of security to many men and women. But man has also created and there is not enough room for all the creations of mankind. There is not enough storage for the creations of centuries. The memory is full. And the point comes when structure has to break apart

When this point is reached and the door opens, then life and its memories come on sale. It is irrelevant whose memories.

New patterns are created

and in the overall chaos new alliances are formed,
unlikely alliances sometimes

One side may be illuminated and the other rests in the shade.

There is no way back,
Things that have been of oh such a great value

loose their value all together

 and become tramps

with that loss their right of existence is challenged
but that is just the cycle of life

and the eternal law

that after a period of extended structure a wave of chaos has to come

 that will change things drastically
without great sentiment

It can be a painful experience

The great masters say:;" The only way not to feel pain is not to get to attached to something or someone. To overcome the ego, that has collected, loved egoistically and horded things and people for many years."

But that is difficult for man in his earthy form

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Am A Rasta Man And Me Can Dance

He is a dancer and he knows it!

Rasta man makes easy 20  to 30 km a day of dancing and running.
Thereby staying mainly in the same spot! 



Yebo, he's a Rasta man and he can dance and unlike some others he ain't no needin any Zumba Fitness Class !

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Stairway To Heaven

You can use my stairway to heaven.
But take gentle steps when going up!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Full Service Needed

The business people say "business is bad all over the world". Jobs are scarce now. No money for luxury. Tighten you belt a little bit more.The Eastern Cape is considered the poorest province in South Africa.
But some get even more creative no matter what it takes to attract dearly needed business.

Seen at Old Transkei Road, Eric's Corner,East London

Sunday, September 2, 2012

An Artistic View Of The Vincent Methodist Church

A Water Color Impression - Mixed Media Art Print of the Vincent Methodist Church by Chocolat Negro 
I often drive past this neat, white walled, small church building of the Vincent Methodist Church. But today I am showing you a slightly altered vision of the church.The above is a mixed medie watercolor impression of the church front.

Like in days of old- a church in Sepia- Mixed Media of the Vincent Methodist Church Entrance

What we call today "sepia" is something that happened non-intentional in the olden days  because the color tone of the picture would simply turn yellow and fade. Developer solutions were of a lesser quality.

The pastels of the South- the eyes of the Vincent Methodist Church

Colors like these you can see early in the morning sitting on the deck of a boat cruising the Zambezi. The pastels in the South are different. In the picture you can still see detail and the structure of the walls. There is still three-dimensionality.

The pastels are still there but now they are dominant factor in this image, conveying peace and tranquility.

The fire inside - A Pop Art Impression- the amazing tree on the lawn of the churches fellowship center

The tree and the church - they belong together.

Just the way it is!

A Cup Full Of Rabbit

Her name is Angola!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Triple Secured

If you add the dog there are four levels of security!
Vincent Road, Vincent Suburb, East London, South Africa 

Four Little Red Riding Hoods At Work

I hope you do enjoy this picture as much as I do. The grey cement wall was the perfect canvas for the men at work and for the shadow of the street light. It is beautiful the way the scaffolding is put together in a truly African style. The men are connected to each other in a nearly poetic way. Yes, I am absolutely serious. And, no you do not have to understand always what I say.

But again it is relieving to live in Africa. Not everything has to be straight. And it does still work instead of contradicting the laws of physics and technique!
Not everybody uses a manual. Ok, you can argue with me over that if you like but I am not talking about good or bad! I am just talking about the many ways in which a thing can be done. Bringing makind desperately needed diversity!

My grandmother and me would have done it exactly the same way.

Seen at corner of Old Transkeo Road and  Devereux Avenue in Nahoon, East London.
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