Sunday, September 2, 2012

An Artistic View Of The Vincent Methodist Church

A Water Color Impression - Mixed Media Art Print of the Vincent Methodist Church by Chocolat Negro 
I often drive past this neat, white walled, small church building of the Vincent Methodist Church. But today I am showing you a slightly altered vision of the church.The above is a mixed medie watercolor impression of the church front.

Like in days of old- a church in Sepia- Mixed Media of the Vincent Methodist Church Entrance

What we call today "sepia" is something that happened non-intentional in the olden days  because the color tone of the picture would simply turn yellow and fade. Developer solutions were of a lesser quality.

The pastels of the South- the eyes of the Vincent Methodist Church

Colors like these you can see early in the morning sitting on the deck of a boat cruising the Zambezi. The pastels in the South are different. In the picture you can still see detail and the structure of the walls. There is still three-dimensionality.

The pastels are still there but now they are dominant factor in this image, conveying peace and tranquility.

The fire inside - A Pop Art Impression- the amazing tree on the lawn of the churches fellowship center

The tree and the church - they belong together.

Just the way it is!

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