Thursday, September 13, 2012

For Sale - Second Hand Impressions From Gonubie

Man has a strong desire for structure. Structure offers some sort of security to many men and women. But man has also created and there is not enough room for all the creations of mankind. There is not enough storage for the creations of centuries. The memory is full. And the point comes when structure has to break apart

When this point is reached and the door opens, then life and its memories come on sale. It is irrelevant whose memories.

New patterns are created

and in the overall chaos new alliances are formed,
unlikely alliances sometimes

One side may be illuminated and the other rests in the shade.

There is no way back,
Things that have been of oh such a great value

loose their value all together

 and become tramps

with that loss their right of existence is challenged
but that is just the cycle of life

and the eternal law

that after a period of extended structure a wave of chaos has to come

 that will change things drastically
without great sentiment

It can be a painful experience

The great masters say:;" The only way not to feel pain is not to get to attached to something or someone. To overcome the ego, that has collected, loved egoistically and horded things and people for many years."

But that is difficult for man in his earthy form

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