Friday, December 14, 2012

Mother Goose And Her Off-Spring On A Family Outing At Lavender Blue

Lavender Blue Is A Farmers Market Outside East London On The Road To Gonubie
Mother Goose And Her Kids On A Family Walk At Lavender Blue

Lavender Blue is a popular farmers market on the road to Gonubie just outside East London. It is the right place for a family outing on Saturday mornings. From fresh bread, herbs, homemade cakes and jams to seedlings from the nursery - everything can be found there. There is a playground for kids as well and a little pond.

Little Geese At Lavender Blue
The Occasional Laziness

The pond is home to some feathered other families with their kids!

Goose Family At Lavender Blue
Everything has to be taught the right way

And as it so happened, they were just taken on a walk by their mothers when I was there!

Little Geese Resting In the Sun At The Farmers Market Lavender Blue
Soo Bored By All This Teaching!

Some were reluctant to follow on this strenuous walk in the sun! But not for long. Seeing their brothers and sisters walk away made them change their mind very quickly!

Konrad Lorenz would have loved this!

It turned out to be fun.

Whatever it is - it does taste good

There was a lot to eat

Careful, Careful.........

and to see


and even more to talk about

The Watchful Eye Of A Mother

under the watchful eye of their mother

Do Not Come Close To Her Feet......You Might Be In For A Serious Beating!

Thank God On The Way Home.....

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