Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Bunnies And The Birds Of Tainton Avenue

Bunnies have been spotted lately in Tainton Avenue.
It was unusual.

But not anymore!
They have discovered that life can be quite exciting "outside"
And they got really street wise!

And since a while no garden service is needed anymore at my place.

But more, since the bunnies roam the street a whole lot of new of animals have been attracted by them that in turn observe them.

like these long legged yellow-eyed birds.

I think the intention here is to make a nest! In bunny territory

Some bunnies however could not care less about this new arrival, instead they take care of the neighbours lawn.

They have done a good job already!

On the move........hop hop hop to the next house

while these guys have a rather static nature.....

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