Paper Range

Come with me to Paris, handcrafted vintage inspired greeting card

How did Chocolat Negro start?

The handcrafted paper line Lucy and Isa was the first product range that Chocolat Negro created.
Lucy, alias Lucinda Engele, is the by now famous company ginger cat. You will find that a whole category with many blog posts has been dedicated to Miss Engele on this blog.
Later many more products were designed and the Chocolat Negro Portofolio grew and is still growing.
Today it offers a wide range of unique handcrafted products. But everything started with the paper. If you would like to find out more about our humble beginnings in a cellar with two milky glass windows we invite you to check out our paper blog 

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Lucy and Isa Paperie

Ben Hur, recycled and re-purposed stationery set

Handmade note book " As Above So Below "

Handcrafted Clothes Tags Made From Recycled Paper

Romantic Feather And Lace Diary Made From Recycled Material

Pudding Lover's Delight Recycled and R-epurpoed Stationery Set Made From Old Cook Books

Flower Ppaer Note Book

Colonial Vintage Map Stationery Set

Making Paper

It Is Ladies Night, vintage inspired greeting card

"I adore you" is dedicated to my gorgeous and beautiful mother

small gift bag

crochet doilie adorned medium sized gift bag

Collage gift boxes

Lavender handcrafted and recycled paper stationery set

Black wattle fiber handcrafted recycled paper sheet

shweshwe fabric greeting card

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