Thursday, May 14, 2009

At the end of a day

The last minutes of a day in Umfolozi Game Reserve.

NO fire, just the sun ........settling down

When I was sitting there on a rock and watching this, I had this wild desire to be able to see and to learn everything.To have enough years in this life to understand. The Quest to understand. And see and learn, and see and learn......... endlessly.

With nothing bothering me.


I was not born on this continent.
But this is what I fell in love with when setting my feet first on it's ground.
I could say simply Afrique, mon Afrique. And I go to capture that first time feeling from time to time to keep my mind free and open.

The vast slopes that open up your soul.
You cannot look at them and feel nothing.
It' is impossible to feel nothing when looking at African landsacpes.
This is the origin of everything.

African grass has fascinated me ever since.
Shimmering golden in the evening sun as the hair of a beautiful Northern princess in an old fairy tale from my country.

Colors no-one can really capture.

And Eternity. Closeness to the universe


A couple of days ago I had the chance to watch a dance of clouds and take some good shots.
A sky full ablaze with the power of the sun and amazing cloud formations.

Changing by the seconds

Until ........

The light got brighter and brighter

and my eyes were blinded and aching

And then there was this mystical painting above me.... AMAZING MOMENT

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