Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Karoo Travels - The Serendipity Book Store in Bedford

The Signs Of this Little Book Store In The Karoo Town Of  Bedford Caught Our Eyes

BOOKS AND THINGS! why resist?

The Serendipity Book Store in Bedford in Donkin Street is situated in a "historical"

Since there is not too much traffic on the main road of Bedford, stopping right o away on the side of the road is not a problem. The small Karoo town is a rather sleepy place, except on Fridays. The signboard that captured our attention belongs to an old house, 150 years, that has already historical value in South Africa.
"Well it's not like in Europe, where you have houses, that are a thousand years old," the owner explained,"but for here it's a very old lady."  

Bedford Street Scenes - A Karoo Town In South Africa

The Signs Promise Books, Books, Books  - In Bedford

The Serendipity Book Shop is located on the left side of the main just before leaving Bedford

old houses and old walls

The Karoo has seduced many with their indescribable charm. The open plains, extremely hot in summer and wit icy cold nights in winter have drawn many from the big cities. And so it happened to  the owner of this book store, who relocated from Cape Town where she has lived many years to this small village in the Karoo.

Mountains in the distance

"We decided to move to the country and have never regretted it. It's a beautiful place and we have so many gorgeous old houses here. Just drive off the main road and you will see them".

The inside is as interesting as the outside.

The owner busy marking some German books

"Just be a careful" she says, there is so much dust, I have been away for a while and I just opened the doors today. Lucky us!"

Some other "Things" at the entrance of the Bedford Book Store

The locals are having their chat across the road

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