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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Writing A Book Is No Easy Thing

I was told by one of my friends last night that I should start writing a novel or a book. She said it's overdue.
She said also that I should not just throw my thoughts and reflections out into the world, or for the matter of fact into your face, you treasured friends and readers. She said this was to easy.
I have been told so repeatedly. That it's time for me to write a book.
TRUE. I know for sure I am writer. I am born to write because words come easy to me like bees to the honey and I am story teller in real life.
The problem is just where to start. There is material for 12 books. Yes I think I could do twelve or more in my life time. Long big books. But where to start, where to start...............

Would I have been born 500 years earlier I would have spent my life with great pleasure traveling on a horse-wagon through the countryside, pausing here and there in small villages and earning a coin for every story told. Making people believe. Drinking wine and eating roasted goats-meat in my free time. A man of no conventions and no responsibilities, traveling free like a goose in winter.

But I also fancy myself in the orient, in hot and dry countries- the world of beautiful women in veils. I could have done a little bit of Persian carpet selling at the side. And by the way, I would have been a man for a change 500 years back .
And in the unlikely event that my stories should have dried up - there would be always a nice tea-drinking and resting place on top of the carpets in the airy corner shop with two doors on the market of which I would be the owner. Watching the women in their veils pass by would make me more than happy. Life is great and simplicity is happiness.

Which does not help us with the question now how I will get my first book onto paper? I am not even thinking about publishing but to have it in black and white in front of me would be a miracle.

I have been turning this thought an eternity in my head. So now it's decided. Faites vos jeux.
The book will be written. And unlike the tree in the picture it won't take an eternity anymore to grow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


                   1970's wedding dress, named " Innocent " by me

If you have a design studio for recycled design and art then it is understood that you do love old things as well. Some things are created in Innocence, endure changes, are innocent and stay innocent forever. It is better that they stay untouched.


Available in my Etsy-Shop: Recycled Design and Art

Almond Eyes

Available in my Etsy Shop: Recycled Design and Art


When I am behind a camera I feel like all the worlds are open to me. Like there is no limit. For me it's a feeling that you can create your own worlds. Far from perfection, but intense, passionate, fantastic and fanatic. I create many things, most of them with my hands. But taking photos is something I can get lost in.
I have captured a couple of beautiful new moments - Soooooo Black and White.

I love this picture and have called it a "A Mouth Full ". It think there is no animal that comes close to a giraffe in extravagance and unusual looks. May be a camel comes close to it. It's also a miracle. That's written in the Koran, a friend told me.

This picture was taken while traveling through the Addo Elephant Park with my brother. The trip we made is special to me because he was recovering after a long and complicated operation. All well now and that is awesome. NEW JOY OF LIFE.
We were driving trough the park from one end to the other on the look-out for elephants and what we saw was the " Unexpected Death of A Great Buffalo" .

And of course a sight that can never been forgotten................

I don't want to bore you with animal portraits but I think this all would not be there if nature and wildlife conservation had not been implemented in the past in many African countries. 

More photos can be seen in my gallery:   Chocolat Negro Flashlight Gallery

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Like An Antelope

To look at perfect things gives you better thoughts. 
My writings serve this purpose- to admire the multitude of perfect and wonderful creations of this world, planet, universe...... as far as we can see. 
One of the undeniably most perfect creations is the African Kudu Antelope and on our way back through the African Sunset we were given a very special treat.

Not scared, open, inquisitive, curious................. just a little shy. I felt like watching him for hours

He reminded me of the story of " THE LITTLE PRINCE" by Antione de Saint-Exupery. How do you tame something ? By becoming it's friend.




we travelled on a small boat though the arms and waterways of this amazing area and found the essence of Africa

Hippos were grazing in such great numbers like I have not seen them in years

But an unforgettable moment was to see a mighty fish eagle in very close distance sitting on the high branches of a tree, gazing at us.

On the riverbanks dense tropical vegetations grows

and wildlife that is adapted to living in swamp areas

You can stay hours on the river just cruising, observing, admiring the wonders of this area.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I came to understand after years of living in different countries that the world is a vast complex place of beauty and that the idea of an " International Style" is an outdated one.
The world has layers upon layers of style that are not regional but, rather, interwoven cultures, races, creeds and values. Being exposed to different cultures and value systems from an early age has helped me to see the world from an observant point of view.... like a spectator at first - then perceiving deeper, engaging and contributing. It's always possible to contribute.
The way and style in which African houses have been built, improvised and adapted to prevailing needs has been largely underestimated for years in the design world.
Although labeled shacks in my eyes they are pieces of art and testimony of an non-manicured and non-trained creativity.

They are built from scratch and know no limitations in their use of the type of materials that are used for their construction.

And they re-invent themselves everyday.


When there is too much conscious thinkin it's time to let the creative mind and intuition taking over again.
And there is a place....... across the river that is perfect to let go of all thoughts.

Of course there is the a price to pay to get across the river.

And the wait for the ferryman can sometimes be a long one........

cause the ferry does not exactly travel at speed of light.

and there has to be strict order who goes on and off.

But the view is worth the wait..... because there is really only the river, the sea in the distance with thundering waves and you....

and the ferryman who is the master of the river and has been with the river since many years. Rivers are like women he says, you have to get to know them intimately to master them and convince them to play along.

Doing this trip forth and back may be 20, 30 or 50 times - he must know.Forth and back over the Hades but always look ahead, never look back. That's crucial. No good to look back in anyway, says the ferryman.

and follow his instructions rigourosly..........

or you will be in trouble with the young ferry man.

But there is always time for a chat if you can find someone to talk to...while crossing the river.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Know Your Own Mind, Live Your Own Life

" SOMEWHERE along the path of life, every successful person finds out how to live his own life as he wishes to live it."
The younger you are when you discover this mighty power, the more likely you are to live successfully and happily. Yet even in later years, many make the great change - from letting others make them what they are, to making sure that they make their lives to their own liking.

The Creator gave man the prerogative of power over his own mind. It must have been the Creator's purpose to encourage man to live his own life, think his own thoughts, find his own goals and achieve them.

You live in a world filled with outside influences which impinge on you. You are influenced by other people's acts and wishes, by laws and customs, by your duties and your responsibilities. Everything you do has some effect upon others as do their actions upon you.
And yet you must find out how to live your own life, use your own mind, go on towards the dream you wish to make real and solid. Know thyself said the ancient Greek philosophers, and this remains key advice for the man who would be in all ways wealthy.
Without knowing yourself and being yourself, you cannot truly use the one Great Secret which gives you power to mold your future and make life carry you the way you want to go.
( Napoleon Hill in the year 1967 in his book " Think and Grow Rich With Peace of Mind ").

These are some of my favorites thoughts brought to paper forty years back in a fantastic book.

The " Grow " Fine Art Print is available at : Chocolat Negro Recycled Design and Art 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am in love with black and white portraits. Always have been. My love for black and white photography was born when I received my first camera at the age of six. And the ones that you see here are the pictures of some strong people with strong faces

one of my favorite models Sarah

a strong guy

and the dreamy African waiter

Totally and  100% completely happy friends

Just blue eyes. NOT BLACK AND WHITE AT ALL. 

And one of many


For other portraits and pictures see my virtual gallery: Chocolat Negro Flashlight Gallery

Floating..... The Relative Lightness Of Being

Floating is a series of photographs that I have taken recently

showing light weight floating on water

Simply beautiful to look at. Each one a small miracle. Created during three hours while sitting next to a pool

                                  Showing the relative lightness of life and death............

in all it's colors and structures and forms

These photos are not only beautiful but also symbolic because there are times when things get easy in life and when one is able to float through moments that would have been difficult before 

simply feeling the flow and the lightness....

Connections are formed in these moments with greater powers and energies

but still not lasting forever.....

and when it's over and the weight can be felt again you wonder how you have done it
and are amazed........

But knowing, reassuringly, that you can do it again......

because you know now how it feels 

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