Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When I am behind a camera I feel like all the worlds are open to me. Like there is no limit. For me it's a feeling that you can create your own worlds. Far from perfection, but intense, passionate, fantastic and fanatic. I create many things, most of them with my hands. But taking photos is something I can get lost in.
I have captured a couple of beautiful new moments - Soooooo Black and White.

I love this picture and have called it a "A Mouth Full ". It think there is no animal that comes close to a giraffe in extravagance and unusual looks. May be a camel comes close to it. It's also a miracle. That's written in the Koran, a friend told me.

This picture was taken while traveling through the Addo Elephant Park with my brother. The trip we made is special to me because he was recovering after a long and complicated operation. All well now and that is awesome. NEW JOY OF LIFE.
We were driving trough the park from one end to the other on the look-out for elephants and what we saw was the " Unexpected Death of A Great Buffalo" .

And of course a sight that can never been forgotten................

I don't want to bore you with animal portraits but I think this all would not be there if nature and wildlife conservation had not been implemented in the past in many African countries. 

More photos can be seen in my gallery:   Chocolat Negro Flashlight Gallery

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