Thursday, February 18, 2010

Writing A Book Is No Easy Thing

I was told by one of my friends last night that I should start writing a novel or a book. She said it's overdue.
She said also that I should not just throw my thoughts and reflections out into the world, or for the matter of fact into your face, you treasured friends and readers. She said this was to easy.
I have been told so repeatedly. That it's time for me to write a book.
TRUE. I know for sure I am writer. I am born to write because words come easy to me like bees to the honey and I am story teller in real life.
The problem is just where to start. There is material for 12 books. Yes I think I could do twelve or more in my life time. Long big books. But where to start, where to start...............

Would I have been born 500 years earlier I would have spent my life with great pleasure traveling on a horse-wagon through the countryside, pausing here and there in small villages and earning a coin for every story told. Making people believe. Drinking wine and eating roasted goats-meat in my free time. A man of no conventions and no responsibilities, traveling free like a goose in winter.

But I also fancy myself in the orient, in hot and dry countries- the world of beautiful women in veils. I could have done a little bit of Persian carpet selling at the side. And by the way, I would have been a man for a change 500 years back .
And in the unlikely event that my stories should have dried up - there would be always a nice tea-drinking and resting place on top of the carpets in the airy corner shop with two doors on the market of which I would be the owner. Watching the women in their veils pass by would make me more than happy. Life is great and simplicity is happiness.

Which does not help us with the question now how I will get my first book onto paper? I am not even thinking about publishing but to have it in black and white in front of me would be a miracle.

I have been turning this thought an eternity in my head. So now it's decided. Faites vos jeux.
The book will be written. And unlike the tree in the picture it won't take an eternity anymore to grow.

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