Friday, February 12, 2010


I came to understand after years of living in different countries that the world is a vast complex place of beauty and that the idea of an " International Style" is an outdated one.
The world has layers upon layers of style that are not regional but, rather, interwoven cultures, races, creeds and values. Being exposed to different cultures and value systems from an early age has helped me to see the world from an observant point of view.... like a spectator at first - then perceiving deeper, engaging and contributing. It's always possible to contribute.
The way and style in which African houses have been built, improvised and adapted to prevailing needs has been largely underestimated for years in the design world.
Although labeled shacks in my eyes they are pieces of art and testimony of an non-manicured and non-trained creativity.

They are built from scratch and know no limitations in their use of the type of materials that are used for their construction.

And they re-invent themselves everyday.

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