Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Know Your Own Mind, Live Your Own Life

" SOMEWHERE along the path of life, every successful person finds out how to live his own life as he wishes to live it."
The younger you are when you discover this mighty power, the more likely you are to live successfully and happily. Yet even in later years, many make the great change - from letting others make them what they are, to making sure that they make their lives to their own liking.

The Creator gave man the prerogative of power over his own mind. It must have been the Creator's purpose to encourage man to live his own life, think his own thoughts, find his own goals and achieve them.

You live in a world filled with outside influences which impinge on you. You are influenced by other people's acts and wishes, by laws and customs, by your duties and your responsibilities. Everything you do has some effect upon others as do their actions upon you.
And yet you must find out how to live your own life, use your own mind, go on towards the dream you wish to make real and solid. Know thyself said the ancient Greek philosophers, and this remains key advice for the man who would be in all ways wealthy.
Without knowing yourself and being yourself, you cannot truly use the one Great Secret which gives you power to mold your future and make life carry you the way you want to go.
( Napoleon Hill in the year 1967 in his book " Think and Grow Rich With Peace of Mind ").

These are some of my favorites thoughts brought to paper forty years back in a fantastic book.

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