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Welcome To Chocolat Negro Recycled Design and Art

Chocolat Negro is a young design and life-style label, based in South Africa. We feel passionate about the promotion of African cultures and African talent and know-how. The team of Chocolat Negro consists of people of different nationalities and cultures who strongly believe that diversity and cultural richness has to be celebrated.

We have acquired extensive work and life experience in different African countries ranging from the Maghreb to the Southern part of Africa.We are looking at our resources in a new light.We work with local African designers and artists. Most of the products we offer are completely handmade and rooted in African crafts traditions. It is our desire to bring to you some of the most beautiful products and designs representing the charm of Africa.We work directly with small craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

  All our products are either created in our own design studio or are sourced directly from African Craftsmen and artists. We re-use, re-cycle, re-work waste materials that can be incorporated into our designs.With our work we create and sustain work for talented women and men in Africa.
We are dedicated to follow a new path in sustainable Eco- design.


Chocolat Negro Recycled Design And Art
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