Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update On Auguste The Flamboyant

I started writing this blog in December 2008. My first post ever was about " Auguste The Flamboyant ", a massive old flamboyant tree in my garden. 
I wrote a story entitled My Fathers Flowers Are Always With Me. At the time my blog was just an experiment but now it is a book with many short stories.
Three years later. It is shocking how the time passes and amazing to see how some things have continuity. There are people, plants or animals that will never let you down in life.

Here is an update on Auguste The Flamboyant.
He is beautiful and mighty as ever.
It's December. African Summer. The last days of December.
Something new to come. Better.
More powerful, I hope.

He is a dense and large shelter for The Spirit in the Sky.

And he still has only one true color competitor !
My thoughts not worth a penny in this mighty universe.
Or are they ?

the only competitor
the sky over Africa ...
which is a sigh of God on a warm summer evening

I am telling you, you will be fine !

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Orient Hotel - A Tale Of Colonial Architecture In The Eastern Cape

Once the Orient Hotel  in Quigney, now the Thuthuka Student Residence of the Fort Hare University in East London.

The many student residences in Quigney have caused controversy amongst the residents of this old suburb where many still live in the colonial houses built by settlers who came to South Africa.

It seems as if there is a clash in lifestyle and culture. Although most of the student residences are there since  a couple years, this problem still exists up to today. The students with their more outgoing and fun-loving life style are blamed by the " old Quigney residents " for bringing, crime, noise, prostitution, littering, booze and loud music to the suburb, while the newcomers say racial prejudice prevails.

The Thuthuka residence is an example that old and young can work it out together. The Fort Hare Univesity has taken the initiave to create a supervising student committee that has set up rules for the students who live in the residence. It is the commitee's task to oversee the coming and going in the house. 

The committee seems to work

But littering has become a problem all over South Africa.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dark And Lovely

Dark and Lovely is what you have to be !

Or thin and blonde !
Your hair should be straight no matter what the color of your skin.

At the end of  many a road  you will be remebered of this fact,
like here in Church Street in Quigney

so that you do not forget what the world wants.

Sunday, December 18, 2011









But then regained force, strength

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magic Fabrics

I was taken by a friend to a shop in Southernwood, that reminded me of my childhood and the years I have spent with my grandmother. My grandmother was an amazing seamstress. She was capable of sewing a ballgown from an old curtain within four or five hours, should the need arise. It would be a ballgown that could be worn on the red carpert in Cannes and that would fit you perfectly.

Shops like this factory shop in Southerwood have become rare. People do not sew that much any more in many places of the world. 
But they still sew in South Africa. 
My grandmother learned sewing when she was fourteen years old and she had refined her skills throughout her whole life. She designed the clothes for her daughter and later for her grandchild, me. At one point in time she used the left over fabrics pieces, because they had just the right size, to make small dresses for me when I was three or four yeasr old. 
There are many photographs in old albums, showing my aunt and me in " partnerlook". 

Making a garment for someone is something special and has a certain serenity to it.
It is an act of creation.

Like the feel in this shop.

Beautiful fabrics spread magic around them.

When I shoot a portrait I  take pictures in a sequence. I talk to the person until he or she is comfortable and  forgets that I have a camera in my hand. The result has similarity with a short movie film. 
Every second a person's facial expression changes.
And I like to show the pictures in that same sequence.

Of course there are always people who wonder and ask themselves what is there to see in such a place.

The world is just my private playground

And I think others feel the magic too.

Come Rain or Shine

Come rain or shine some days are just the same.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Christmas In South Africa

We have the Christmas trees

with the Christmas balls and the Christmas shopping

we have the Christmas decorations

spread all over town

and this year we got even an Octopuss.

We are having it !
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