Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Reflection Of The Christ

When you are capable of looking at something with real interest and you give it your full attention, it looks back at you. What looks back at you is you. There has never been a god outside of you. Always he has been in you, from the first to your last breath. You have been shaped after him. 
In the middle ages, hundreds of thousands of people have died for recognizing this simple thruth and saying it aloud. Witches have been burned.

It is always you. It is always you in disguise, that reflects back at you. The pain, love, hurt and joy, the shining light in the eyes of someone, the disgust you feel for a thing or person, it is all your own. All you see is your own. What you perceive you receive. Step by step you are guided towards enlightenment and understanding through a reflection of you. A sincere reflection that you will see one day.

Let me say this, nothing I write on these pages is advice, or judgement or meant to be a truth for you. It is  always me talking to myself.
This cross is 180 years old. When I did " The Reflection of the Christ " and saw it sinking in the green, blue waters, these were the words I heard it saying to me.

" Always it is you ."

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