Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nothing But A Fisherman's Dog

There is one topic in South Africa that is hard to avoid.

The fishermen, the fishermen's fish and their dogs

No, he is not hurt, just dirty

The fishermen and their dogs are a secret society
And usually there is more than one of them

There is a very fine thin cord woven between the fisherman and his dog

And it extends further out to the sea

So, the fish is hooked to the fisherman ( even if it i still swimming happily in the ocean) 
and the fisherman is hooked to the dog
so the dog is also hooked to the fish
The fish feels the fisherman and a little bit the dog,
the dog feels the fisherman and the fish,
the fisherman feels all three of  them !
Symbolically spoken
Don't know if you understand

This is a complicated matter
not easy to explain

But go and see for yourself

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