Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Orient Hotel - A Tale Of Colonial Architecture In The Eastern Cape

Once the Orient Hotel  in Quigney, now the Thuthuka Student Residence of the Fort Hare University in East London.

The many student residences in Quigney have caused controversy amongst the residents of this old suburb where many still live in the colonial houses built by settlers who came to South Africa.

It seems as if there is a clash in lifestyle and culture. Although most of the student residences are there since  a couple years, this problem still exists up to today. The students with their more outgoing and fun-loving life style are blamed by the " old Quigney residents " for bringing, crime, noise, prostitution, littering, booze and loud music to the suburb, while the newcomers say racial prejudice prevails.

The Thuthuka residence is an example that old and young can work it out together. The Fort Hare Univesity has taken the initiave to create a supervising student committee that has set up rules for the students who live in the residence. It is the commitee's task to oversee the coming and going in the house. 

The committee seems to work

But littering has become a problem all over South Africa.

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