Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Around The Old Belcrave Hotel

If the Belcrave had a once more galmourous and luxurious past I do not know. I am not sure if part of the letter " G" in the name is missing because this building borders the suburb Belgravia. Or if  BELCRAVE  is the original name. The buildings at this street-corner fascninate me through their faded color, large balconies and eclectic appeareance.

They are situated on a corner of Oxfordstreet in Belgravia. Today the shops on the ground floor host a buy and sell, a beauty and hair salon as well as a second hand shop which I have the habit of visting from time to time.

I know that some East Londoners are faithful readers of this blog which I really appreciate. In case you have not realized it, you can leave comments on the blog. Under each post you will find the option " comments". By clicking on comments you will be led to a comment form which is also open now for readers who are not registered on blogger. One of the propositions that I have received was to enable leaving comments for readers who are not on blogger.
If you like something, have an idea or if you know something about a building or a place that would complement a post please do not hesitate to comment. Comments and interaction are welcome !

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