Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update On Auguste The Flamboyant

I started writing this blog in December 2008. My first post ever was about " Auguste The Flamboyant ", a massive old flamboyant tree in my garden. 
I wrote a story entitled My Fathers Flowers Are Always With Me. At the time my blog was just an experiment but now it is a book with many short stories.
Three years later. It is shocking how the time passes and amazing to see how some things have continuity. There are people, plants or animals that will never let you down in life.

Here is an update on Auguste The Flamboyant.
He is beautiful and mighty as ever.
It's December. African Summer. The last days of December.
Something new to come. Better.
More powerful, I hope.

He is a dense and large shelter for The Spirit in the Sky.

And he still has only one true color competitor !
My thoughts not worth a penny in this mighty universe.
Or are they ?

the only competitor
the sky over Africa ...
which is a sigh of God on a warm summer evening

I am telling you, you will be fine !

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