Thursday, February 4, 2010


I truly believe that we live in an age now where more and more people develop a higher level of consciousness. More and more people awake to a broader, wider and more enlightened way of thinking that is in it's essence positive and more spiritual.
This is beautiful and very powerful. 
The combined power of changed thinking patterns of many are starting to have a great impact on our world and shape the conditions of our lives. It is known since thousands of years that thoughts are the parents of things. It has never been a secret.
It is now that many amongst us start to live and implement actively this knowledge. If I look around me I see it everywhere.

I have mentioned it before that this is not a blog to describe the socio-economic and political conditions that prevail at the moment in South-Africa. Of course I do live in the cradle of reform against oppression and there are many things on the political scene that I could talk about.
It is also not my mission to describe in detail things like the high crime rate or the poverty gap that exists still in this country. Newspapers and television take care of it and they are doing a good job.

There is no denial in this attitude but I am also convinced that we have to look today at what we want to see tomorrow. 
And tomorrow will be good if the things we look at are good and positive.  

I can feel that everything that I have ever looked in my life, no matter when and where and how young I was.... is still stored in my mind. Nothing is lost and nothing is forgotten although I might think it is. 
It is simply not retrievable because of the fact that I make not complete use of the capacity and the potential of my mind at the moment. 
So to me it makes sense that I have to be selective, very selective where I put my eyes - keeping in mind that everything that I see will burn an impression in my soul and will stay with me forever until the end of my life and longer. 
And this is why this blog looks most of the time at things and moments that are already perfect.
It looks at beauty that can be cultivated further in your mind.

It is my belief that if the things that we want are not yet there, are not present in our lives we can speed up the process by thinking intensely and perseverantly of them. By seeing them in the mind. By imaging their color, their smell, the way they look. By being very selective what we allow ourselves to think.

Rain in Africa is very special. If it rains in Africa people feel so good.  You search the sky if it is turning grey with clouds. The wind brings the smell of rain in the distance and you wish it would rain where you live. 
Where are in the raining season at the moment and these pictures were taken  in the early morning after a  night of rain.It was the type of rain that some call " land rain "  here. A gentle, soft but steady rain that allows the soil to soak up all the water.  The water does not flow away or gets lost. It's like a beauty treatment for the country.  

It was an amazing sight to look at the leaves of one bush early in the morning where raindrops were lined up around the edges of the leaves like strings of the most perfect glass pearls that Cinderella would have worn in her hair for her wedding. All the raindrops were aligned in a harmonious pattern and you could say in nearly the same distance to each other.

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