Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Floating..... The Relative Lightness Of Being

Floating is a series of photographs that I have taken recently

showing light weight floating on water

Simply beautiful to look at. Each one a small miracle. Created during three hours while sitting next to a pool

                                  Showing the relative lightness of life and death............

in all it's colors and structures and forms

These photos are not only beautiful but also symbolic because there are times when things get easy in life and when one is able to float through moments that would have been difficult before 

simply feeling the flow and the lightness....

Connections are formed in these moments with greater powers and energies

but still not lasting forever.....

and when it's over and the weight can be felt again you wonder how you have done it
and are amazed........

But knowing, reassuringly, that you can do it again......

because you know now how it feels 

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