Friday, February 12, 2010


When there is too much conscious thinkin it's time to let the creative mind and intuition taking over again.
And there is a place....... across the river that is perfect to let go of all thoughts.

Of course there is the a price to pay to get across the river.

And the wait for the ferryman can sometimes be a long one........

cause the ferry does not exactly travel at speed of light.

and there has to be strict order who goes on and off.

But the view is worth the wait..... because there is really only the river, the sea in the distance with thundering waves and you....

and the ferryman who is the master of the river and has been with the river since many years. Rivers are like women he says, you have to get to know them intimately to master them and convince them to play along.

Doing this trip forth and back may be 20, 30 or 50 times - he must know.Forth and back over the Hades but always look ahead, never look back. That's crucial. No good to look back in anyway, says the ferryman.

and follow his instructions rigourosly..........

or you will be in trouble with the young ferry man.

But there is always time for a chat if you can find someone to talk to...while crossing the river.

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