Saturday, September 1, 2012

Four Little Red Riding Hoods At Work

I hope you do enjoy this picture as much as I do. The grey cement wall was the perfect canvas for the men at work and for the shadow of the street light. It is beautiful the way the scaffolding is put together in a truly African style. The men are connected to each other in a nearly poetic way. Yes, I am absolutely serious. And, no you do not have to understand always what I say.

But again it is relieving to live in Africa. Not everything has to be straight. And it does still work instead of contradicting the laws of physics and technique!
Not everybody uses a manual. Ok, you can argue with me over that if you like but I am not talking about good or bad! I am just talking about the many ways in which a thing can be done. Bringing makind desperately needed diversity!

My grandmother and me would have done it exactly the same way.

Seen at corner of Old Transkeo Road and  Devereux Avenue in Nahoon, East London.

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