Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mary And Jacomo

Jacomo, always curious even at a young age

Once upon a time there were two green eyed, snowy white furred cats living at the SPCA in East London. It was their destiny to find a new home with us and this is their story told in pictures.

Mary,and there is one question? Are we gonna come with you.

Mary Minzu

In their play room at the East London SPCA
Brother and sister in arms

And a couple of weeks later .....

Jacomo loves red

Jacomo "sniffing the wind"

What his sister is doing looks interesting

Pretty Mary

Looks like this is gonna a be a good day for Mary Minzu

Green eyed Mary in the woods

And Model Mary

And the better climber

The whole lot of them - cats and rabbit 

And if  Mighty Lucy thinks enough is enough there is still the roof - for now Lucy ....

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