Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pictures Of Freedom

Yesterday was Freedom day.
16 years ago on the of April South-Africa became a free and democratic country. Today The sky had dressed up for that special occasion in a gown of white and azure blue ruffles. 
Often, when the sky get dramatic like this, I feel extremely seduced by it and I have to leave the house and drive around to look at the play of ligh above me.
So I got into my old VW-Beetle with my camera to take some shots of freedom.

For many it was black and white with a few shades of grey at the side 16 years ago.

Today we got all the color this beautiful country deserves.

With the colors,roaming free, comes the right and delight to enjoy freedom in many different ways.
The way YOU like it.

Everybody enjoys freedom in a different way. High in the sky..

or very grounded.

Freedom is sometimes best enjoyed in good company.

to be able to share and enjoy beautiful things and moments together.

or to do what you absolutely love doing the most. That's freedom

with no restrictions and boundaries

And when the freedom gets a little bit too much from time to time you have someone you can always return too. THAT'S A PERFECT FREEDOM 
I simply like how free the wind is and just lifts that little pink skirt.

Or when you are in love. It feels like freedom but sometimes is not.

But when you want to be in love it makes you free as well.

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