Saturday, April 3, 2010


It is difficult to say or write something meaningful or beautiful that has not been said by someone already before.
What you want to say might have been said in a more poetic, clearer and better way decades or hundreds of years before you. No, you can be even sure that it has been said.
Everything that there is in this world has been said already before. And MILLIONS of words spoken by others over the centuries are still floating the universe with their vibrations - attracting alike words.

That is why I often hesitate to write. To find the exact right words is an art and that is the reason why Paolo Coelho is a genius. And why Hemingway and Gabriel Garcia Marquez were geniuses before him. That is why they are different and special.
To find the right words, YOUR right words is the challenge.

WORDS are like gold. They shine through darkness and they have a weight. The more you add the more the more their weight is felt by the ones who give them and by the ones who receive them.
And they have the power to live through more than hundred years of solitude.

They possess all the power that there is. You might like and not want to part with the weight of something spoken to you in love and admiration. There is a chance that the beauty of those words will stay with you until your hair turns white and you are old.
Others stick to you like a bad conscience and you can never forget the pain they caused although you tried. They feel like a necklace of gold that is heavy and uncomfortable and like something of bad taste around your neck.
You say to me : " Just take it off".
 "Just try ", I say.

I started reading when I was a child. I was blessed to be with people who gave me books whenever I wanted and needed them. Other people's beautiful language and their play of words have shaped my own capacity of speaking and expressing myself. I can't remember the number of books I have read over the years. I just remember that I started to love words and language and to recognize the deep impact they have once spoken.

A word has to be looked at and turned around before saying it.
It's meaning has to be understood cause it sways and stays forever and I can't be taken back.

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