Sunday, April 11, 2010


Lucy's eyes are like a true wonder to me.
I can not believe that the essence and the soul of water can be captured in a creature's eyes.
I have seen human eyes of a watery seducing infatuating blue-green that make you wanna look at them forever and wondering, just wondering how their soul is.
Makes you wanna touch and feel their soul. 

But her eyes are like the surf, like the ocean on a warm day when the water is icy and sea-birds are all around you. 
Her eyes are like the blue of the ocean when it wants to break into green welcoming the cold current and when the white horses are starting to race over the surface.

Of course she is mine. She came to me and I love her and I love the deep ocean. 
But her eyes are the sea's soul. 
Like a clear gnarly sea when you can see the bottom and the worlds beneath.

I never thought the ocean's soul could be captured anywhere until I looked into her eyes.
Is it too much to say she is a perfect creation?

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