Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Swallow And The Cat


The birds that live in the bush around my house have made my home their home. There are thousands of them and listening to them during day time feels like being in paradise.
Since a couple of months these two are keeping me company sitting on the open window frame of my office window while I work. Singing songs to me.

Flying in and out of the house and through the rooms seems a welcome distraction for them. The only problem at the moment are the windows whose transparency is mistaken for the African sky frequently. Transparency and hard matter is something that is not known in the swallow world.

If trapped what follows is great distress. And Fear. And submission. And there is another danger. IT SEEMS. But appearances can cheat. AND OFTEN DO.

Sometimes this can lead to a state of shock.

You do know her by now. Lucinda Engele - the perfect Sphinx like creature.
In the beginning her eyes used to turn black with desire and excitement when she saw a bird sitting outside on a branch. She revealed he cat nature and stalked for hours  as often as she could between long sleeping periods. 

But even her she became obedient to the great RULE OF LIFE : that indeed there can be too much of something in life. And if there is too much of something, even if it is a good and fine thing - that something stays not desirable. 
The wild birds had the impudence to not respect Sphinx territory and invaded her space. And this had to be punished in a definite ginger-cat manner.  

The least one can say is that she got bored... may be even made friends with them and recognized them as "our birds". Fact is she does not bother at all..

And eventually turns her back in a display of utmost ignorance to the feathered fellow in distress.

For me it was a chance to capture the perfectionism and beauty of a feathered dress in all detail.

Before experiencing the delight of having a wild swallow fly of my hand into liberty again.

And of course back to usual business.

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