Friday, May 28, 2010


I have lived on a farm in Namibia for several years. 
Although not taken in Namibia these pictures remind me of the secret, romantic and hidden corners that were everywhere.

One thing is for sure. If you live on an farm there will never be " order " no matter how hard you try to make it look conventional. 
Why make it conventional if some scenes are so beautiful as paintings of days of old? 
Because of the often " always wild character and nature " of farms, some farmers try and have the desire to make it conventional and more modern.

Things that are not used at the moment and considered out of date are deposited and hidden somewhere just to be found to make wonderful photos like this beautiful old cast iron head-board that  has to wait outside until it will be used again. Or given away. Or just burn in the sun.

Just like this old washing board  does. 
Yes,of course we did have a washing machine but the "old equipment" was kept in store in case the generator would go on strike. And that did happen quite often.
And so store rooms get full and fuller.

Ours was not as drastic as this one. But the turquoise walls are amazing with the red velvet chairs in Front of them .

And there are doors everywhere behind which things are stored that have been bought or that are old, that have been taken down and are supposed to be replaced or should replace something. 
The exact time and date however when all this will happen is unsure and unkown.

There is constant change and work on a farm. 
Sometimes you have the impression that work is created permanently.

The old chair that should be stripped down and re-painted but that is just as perfect as it gets like this.

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