Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Litle Flower Shop Around The Corner

I hope that the pictures of this story will seduce your eyes as much as the flowers seduce me in reality and tempt me to buy them everyday.
I go to the tiny post office in Beach Road every second day to send parcels all over the world. 
Next to the post office is a flower shop. It's bigger than the post-office which is not really difficult because the post office can only contain 10 people at maximum. But the flower shop is still small enough to be " just a nice place" that brings me joy every day. 

It looks rather shy and conventional from the outside.

But the inside reflects pure color.

Whenever I have to go to the post-office I just look "over" to the flowers, that are standing on the street in buckets in front of the shop. 
When you enter the shop an array of tulips and irises greets you.

A sea of blue Irises.

It is one if these typical small South-African shops where you can buy everything. 
But this one has gorgeous flowers in abundance.

In the back there are more flowers. 
Not arranged but standing in buckets with water in front of a lime green wall. 

Tulips in lovers pink

Everybody is drawn magically to them.
So beautiful

The shop caters for many needs..

And Roses in every color you can wish for from salmon pink and yellow to a slight peach.

 Blood red as well


And another ocean of violet Gerbera 

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