Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Man's Life

If somebody says to you: It's your destiny I'd say think twice. There is no blueprint in the universe on which god has written your life, your destiny or your purpose.

Sometimes you think you have to find that blueprint, that it must be there and that you have to find out what god had really in mind for you. But since that blueprint does not exist that quest is utopia itself.
God wants you to choose your own blueprint. Your mission in life is the mission you give yourself.

And a man's life and freedom is where he can find it. His purpose is where he says it is.
And God is happy to see you choose.

You can design the blueprint of your life yourself. And if it is a bad design it can be changed.

If this is difficult the question that should be asked is: " What brings my joy? The answer to this question will help to create a new life design.


  1. Hi Isabella - what an awesome post!! such a great message - I put it - be the best you, you can be ..... Lovely images too!!! the one with the ocean and sky are particularly gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for popping by my blog too!!!
    Gena D
    Thinking Aloud

  2. Thank you Gena for your kind words. I have looked at your blog and I really liked it. Your images are beautiful.


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