Saturday, May 29, 2010


Sometimes when listening into conversations about art you might hear someone say that abstract art is of no worth to him. 
That only what can be seen in a realistic way can be considered art. 
That only what the spectator himself cannot create is true art and this is found in portraying realistically the environment. 

But the reduction to a combination of form and color is most powerful and creates high energetic vibrations in the spectator.
Considered apart from matter or from specific examples, not being concrete is abstract. Not being concrete creates these vibrations on a level that is often not even perceived by the spectator immediately.
Sometimes an awareness of  " what one saw and felt " comes only at a later stage.

In art abstract means generalized or universal as opposed to concrete, specific and representational.
These attributes open the minds of those who are ready. In the abstract lies enormous power.

Abstract art portrays the essence of some large object or whole.
In one dictionary the term abstract is defined as: to take away, to take away secretly, to withdraw and dis-engage the attention, interest etc.

In the abstract lies energetic power apart from concrete relation or embodiment.
By taking away the attention secretly the intuition awakes in the spectator.
Nature is the greatest and biggest creator of abstract art and I always turn to it for more inspiration.


  1. Coincidentally included?
    no,eye of the viewfinder.
    Grtgs, Willy.


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