Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Family Of Four

Which location you consider to be safe and convenient to set up home and raise your children depends entirely on the perception of the parents.

This shelf in front of my workshop was choosen as the ideal nesting place by a young Cape Robin couple. They made their home in between the retro lampshade, the wooden jaguar scluptures, the glass jar with paintbrushes and an oil painting.
And no, I can not explain  to you why these things are there and no, they are not in a specific order. I just noticed the complexity of the scenario myself when I took the pictures. But this is what happens in an artists life. If  I use them ? I will. Soon. Now that I have seen them again.

Food is close by

Very close
and in abundance

The inside of the nest has been upholstered with feathers that my chicken have lost. It looks a bit messy like any young couple's home but it could not be more comfortable.

And no doubt life has changed forever. Especially for him. Having children is not a bit as you imagined it. Rather hard work with two mouths to feed.

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