Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Set Me Free

A true story of the adventures of a little Cape Robin, a story of discovery, fear, human encounter and salvation told in fourteen pictures for children (because you need patience for this) and some selected adults

Once upon a time there was a very young girlie-bird

who did not listen to her parents and  flew into a human's house

just to look at the world from the inside out

For a while this was really nice

Oh yes, really really nice. Because there was so much to see !
A world of glass in front of her

But then the question that arose was: how to get out of here ?

And when the human came for the first time in her life true fear set in

It did not really help to ride a bike

because Cape Robins are not made for this

But she tried so hard in anyway

Her heart started racing and she felt if not of the human she is gonna die of fear !

Help me ! Help me ! She now shouts in the direction of her parents house

Too late! The human is already here !

The human however was of the kind category
and true, she was caught
but then set free

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