Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome To Slummies

East London has lately been called Slummies.
The inventor of this name was an un-known graffiti artist who had left his mark in form of a welcome greeting " Welcome To Slummies " on a wall at the entry to East London. This comparison with a slum has upset many residents who love their town dearly. 
The welcome greeting has been removed meanwhile but one can still see where the artist had received his inspiration from.

On a Tuesday at one o' clock in the suburb of Quigney the waste is still out on the streets waiting for the collection trucks to come.

It's not only out but it's all over. Waste removal management poses a big challenge to Buffalo City Municipality. And all suburbs face the same problem that the waste is either too much, collected to late or sometimes not collected at all.

It's business as usual for the hair saloon up the street

Trash piles up on the streets everywhere. Attempts to keep it in plastic bags are scarce. And it does not help much either because dogs ravage through the bags and tear them open in search for something edible before the trucks come.

The residents of Quigney have meanwhile a rat problem. I have seen three of them in half an hour in broad daylight while taking these pictures.
What to do ?

The municipality has problems in solving this situation alone. Residents attempts to do their part are rather scarce as well. Once the trash is out of the house, it's definitely out - it is not an individual responsibility anymore.  But without personal commitment to a waste removal and waste separation system it's going to be a " Warm Welcome to Slummies ".

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