Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Nguni - A Mighty Tribe

The Cattle Of The Wildcoast

The Wild Coast is one of South- Africa's still undiscovered jewels situated in the Transkei. 
There are miles of unspoilt coastline and the rolling green hills of the Transkei descend down to endless white beaches. The famous local Nguni cattle, a strong, tough and disease resistant African breed, come right down to the beach.

This is in fact the only place in the world where I have seen cattle walking on rocks at the beach during low tide, lying in the sand and enjoying the misty sea breeze for hours.

 At the end of the day they walk up the mountains to higher greener pastures.

The Transkei is a place of great, wild and rough beauty. 

This is a piece of Africa where livestock roams free at will and to see these stunning cattle frolicking on the beach is a memorable sight.

A Nguni cow hide used as a carpet or wall decoration achieves a considerable price today and is sought after by designers for their wealthy clients. I just love them for their beauty.

Summer at the Wild Coast means reading on the deck, spending time with friends, swimming or surfing in the " cold " ocean. The water can be icy sometimes.  River or rock fishing is a favourite past time as well. 
But you have to cross rivers to get there.

The natural beauty and cultural heritage of this region offers a really unique experience to visitors. And if you have a horse you can ride on the beach. If you have none borrow one from the locals. They are more than happy to get a little additional income, in an area where there are basically no employment opportunities.

 I spent my childhood and youth in Namibia on a cattle farm and have always loved cattle.

Here in the Transkei they have no problems walking on the slippery green mossy rocks, balancing  their way through rock pools in which little fish and crabs are hiding.

I like these catte so much that I have created a greeting card set with some of their images I have taken during my last stay there.

During low tide mussels can be collected off the rocks of the pools for a delicious dinner for humans ( and if you like mussels of course)

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